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When and how is the best time to prune/cut back our whisteria and clematis please?



Annette - Clematis come into three groups for pruning. The early flowering ones, like the montanas and alpinas don't need pruning, unless you want to tidy them up after they've flowered. The evergreen ones are the same. This group is group 1 or A on the labels.

The next group, 2 or B, large flowers in the early summer, need pruning in early spring to healthy buds about 2' from the ground.

The other group 3 or C need even harder pruning - back to healthy buds about 1' from the ground. These will be the later flowering plants and include the viticellas.

There are some Clematis that fall between groups B and C. I usually just give them a haircut to healthy buds, but not a hard prune. This enables them to flower twice - which is great!

I am going to stop the pruning lesson here - except to say that when you've pruned them, give them a feed.

'm sorry I can't tell you personally about Wisteria, as I don't grow them - but here is a link to a useful site to help you.

15 Jan, 2009

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