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can anyone tell me. why my monkey puzzle tree is turning red?.. the trunk is still moist... as i thought it is dying.. I hope not...



some of my monkey puzzle tree is going red but thats just natural shedding on my one . if the rest of the tree looks healthy i shouldnt worry about it .

12 Jul, 2011


If the tips and tops of the branches are turning red, it may be suffering from drought, or from some sort of root disturbance. If a deep soaking doesn't bring on some new growth at the tips, or slightly further back, it may need some root stimulator and pruning to help mitigate damaged roots. If just a few leaves are turning red from the bottom up, that may mean that older leaves are just falling off, as Noseypotter says, but if there is more than 1/5 of the tree turning, that may be a delayed reaction to the big frost last winter. The inner bark on the trunk could have frozen, and that would eventually cause the roots to die. The red-brown dead foliage develops from the base of the tree up, and there is no way to stop it, until the tree is dead.

12 Jul, 2011


many thanks....Tugbrethil and Noseypotter

its all red no brown anywhere or green for that matter... I've given it some hormone power to courage the roots.... I'll be gutted if i loose it now.. its only young been in the garden for 2yrs. all the other plants are fine but the corylines went the frost got to them..... not sure if that's spelt right.... I'll see how it goes for now... but a million thanks to both x

13 Jul, 2011


your morethan welcome cheeky x .

14 Jul, 2011



14 Jul, 2011


Quite welcome, Cheeky. Sorry about assuming the brown. All too often that's what I actually see when I finally get a look at the plants that my customers swear are turning red. When Monkey Puzzle Tree foliage dies, it usually turns a sort of rusty red brown. The acid test is to grab a leaf--watch that sharp tip!--and give it a twist. If it's alive, it will bend reluctantly, and maybe tear reluctantly, like a beer carton. If it's dead, it will shatter like a dry eggshell. Alive, but reddish colored, is likely to be one of the rarer nutrient deficiencies, such as magnesium, or boron. A true expert on the plant would probably have to see the foliage close up to diagnose it properly.

15 Jul, 2011


thank you.... i will take a picture of it tomorrow if its not raining... but i think its on its way out... it is like a ginger colour... quite pretty really.....

never mind..... i will get another one, would rather keep this one tho...

take care


16 Jul, 2011

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