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hi scottish gardeners , please tell me do you have a better growing season especially in west highlands as the climate tends to be milder because of the gulf stream. seen some beautiful displays in June and July in Bonny Scotland



We have a warm, wet growing season. What are you specifically wanting to know and why?

11 Jul, 2011


Hello Primrose, I am probably as close to the west coast as any other regular GoYers though I actually live in the NE. The coastal area of the north west Highlands do have a special micro-climate mainly due to the Gulf Stream, however it is not beneficial for all types of plants. It is particularly to the likeing of Himalayan plants with its (very) moist airstream and such as Cordylines also seem to do well. Whilst rainfall levels are high and droughts unusual, sunshine levels tend to be low so many plants that do well in Shropshire would suffer here.

11 Jul, 2011


Hi Moon grow i was just curious to wether growing things are more difficult in a slightly different area of the country than to another . happy gardening

12 Jul, 2011


Not so much difficult, we simply need to grow different things and our growing season starts about 4 weeks later than that of someone in the south east of England. We love alpines and many of these do better up here in Scotland than they do in the south.

13 Jul, 2011

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