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Freesias - two questions:
1. My freesias have finished flowering - what do I do now?
2. If I save the seed heads is it viable to attempt to grow from seed, or do the corms increase like daffodil bulbs? The flowers were so lovely I'd like to increase my stock.



Freesias will grow easily from seed and some of mine have even bloomed the first year after sprouting. The bulbs also multiply like weeds. If they weren't easy to pull up, I would worry about them becoming weeds!

11 Jul, 2011


If you want seeds then leave the flower heads on, if not then deadhead. Leave the stalks on to feed the corn for about 4-6 weeks or become brown/yellow and fall off.

Depends where you live in Spain, if it is a frost free place then you can leave the corns in the ground/pots where the currently are over winter.

11 Jul, 2011


Thanks guys! We get some rather harsh winters up here in the mountains, Kildermorie, so maybe either dig them up and store them somewhere frost-free or bring the pot up onto the balcony where I overwinter Pelargoniums and Fuchsias?

Glad they increase prolifically, Tugbrethil - just what I want!

11 Jul, 2011

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