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I have been given a hosta for my birthday - can I keep it indoors

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I don't think so - they are not house-plants, after all, and would probably be too hot.

That's only my opinion - maybe someone else will think differently.

12 Jan, 2009


You are quite right Spritz. I have dozens of them (learned to love them when living across the pond and will post a picture next summer when they re-appear) and they do have to go dormant and die right back in winter. They also don't really like it too hot and dry. They love it cool and damp. So sorry Scarlett, I don't think one indoors would last a season. Hey Spritz we are 100% agreeing again, at last. Lol.

12 Jan, 2009



12 Jan, 2009


I bought 6 bare roots last year while they were on offer with the Gardener's World magazine. I have potted them up and the pots are outside sheltered against the workshop wall. I hope the big freeze we've had lately hasn't harmed them! There's no sign of life above the compost level yet, hope they soon start to peek through, it will give me hope that they are still in the pot and have't done a runner to warmer climbs!
I have never known anyone have them as house plants. This will )hopefully) be my 1st year with Hostas and I am looking forward to seeing them, nurturing them and finally placing them in the shady, damp patch in the garden.
I ordered them as they said they were meant to be slug resistant - slugs and snails (and spiders) are my garden nightmare - been plagued with the darn things in 2008! We'll have to wait and see. But to be honest, I would pop them out in your garden rather than a house plant.

13 Jan, 2009


Bit early for seeing anything yet Greenfingers. Mid April around here, possibly a couple of weeks earlier where you are.


14 Jan, 2009

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