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I bought a lot of bulbs at a big discount after Christmas. How do I store them til fall. Idaho Bulb Lover


By Jackie_

United States Us

In a fridge? With wet paper towels? In dirt? HELP! I have a foot and a half of snow in my yard. the temperatures have been single digits at night and teens and low 20's during the day. The bulbs I bought are mixed daffodils and mixed tulips. I got 38 bags with 12 bulbs in each. Thanks, J



It would depend on the type of bulbs Jackie. Can you tell us what bulbs you bought? Some may be able to be planted in the spring.

12 Jan, 2009


Also - there's the possibility of planting some (depending on what they are) in containers. I see that you are across the pond. What sort of weather are you having at the moment?

DON'T pack them in wet paper towels, they'd rot! Unfortunately, they would probably try to grow in your fridge, too. Poor things!

Gilli is right - more information, please!

12 Jan, 2009


Assuming that they are Spring bulbs (Daffodils etc) you can still plant them now, in pots if the ground is frozen, they will flower, as the buds are already in the bulbs, they just might be later than normal. The following year they will revert to the normal flowering time. A friend of mine left some until Feb and they flowered in June! She had a lot of people asking what they were!

12 Jan, 2009

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