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My cym,. orchid is getting new leaf growth on long stems with fresh greenlike roots under them. Are these air roots? If so, what do I do with them to keep them from drying out?



Cymbidium orchids don't produce many aerial roots. Could you add a picture to the question? Normal new growth on Cymbidiums starts as a cluster of grass-like leaves from the base of one of the pseudobulbs--no long stems, no roots above the soil mix.

10 Jul, 2011


Cyms will produce aerial roots if they have outgrown their pot though - if this is the case then time to pot on. If they're attached to a clearly defined pseudobulb, you can very carefully separate this and pot it up individually to start a whole new plant. I prefer to leave them intact though and pot on the whole plant.

11 Jul, 2011

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