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green behind the ears


silly me being a bit green behind the ears and new to goy can someone explain ito me if i want to reply to a comment do i go to send a private reoly that only that person can read?how do i write a note in the comments section at bottom?



Hello Liverbird - I think we probably all felt the same as you when we joined - don't worry. If you want to reply to a comment someone has made, just type your message in the white box at the bottom and submit and it will appear under theirs - that's if you want everyone to see it. If you use the Private Message facility - only the person you send it too will be able to read it.

11 Jan, 2009


Hi There, I thought your message would have come up under mine - did you use the white box under my comment - it would say above it, something like, Comment On This Blog - dont worry, I may have confused you. Do you want to give it a go. Dawn

11 Jan, 2009


Thanks again dawnsaunt! still hoping here,i didnt click on the bottom right hand side of the box to answer! hope you can be bothered to let me know if im right now?

11 Jan, 2009


Hi! That's it!! x

11 Jan, 2009


Thanks for your help! glad you like the sunset! it makes your eyes sparkle doesnt it?

11 Jan, 2009


Yes, it is truly amazing - if you need anymore help, just click on my picture and you can leave me a private message - I'm no expert but I will help you if I can :-)

11 Jan, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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