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Allium Bulbs


By Ang27

Bury, Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi could anyone advise, I would like to plant some allium bulbs however not sure if it is too late to do this now, if I do plant in the next couple of weeks will they flower this year? I was thinking of starting them off in pots them transfering to the garden when its a bit warmer, can anyone advise if this will work. Bit of a novice so need all the help I can get.



Hi, there is still time to plant Allium bulbs. Alliums flower quite late depending on the type - many of them in May or June, so they still have lots of time to put down roots if you plant them in the next couple of weeks or so. You can plant them in pots for transplanting later. Use a deep enough pot so there is enough room for about an inch of compost in the bottom, then cover the bulb with compost, the deeper the better really - but not to worry if they are fairly shallow. If the pots are big enough, plant three to a pot, making sure the bulbs aren't touching. Water and keep the pots out of doors. They can be planted out any time - even after flowering!

11 Jan, 2009


Specialist bulb catalogues are arriving just now and have lots of alliums listed in them. So you can continue to plant them right into spring and they will still flower this year. There is no need to start them off in pots; they will flower when the time/weather is right even from a spring planting outdoors

11 Jan, 2009

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