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so geranium experts.... [are you there Spritzhenry?]
is this Johnson's blue?
the leaves are slightly hairy so the leaf has a soft felty feel.

I had been told it was and then someone asked what it was and that is when the querry occured.



Take a look at Pansypotter's recent blog about the same query ... it should help. : o )

8 Jul, 2011


I have a Geranium Johnson blue bought this year.Your leaf does not look the same as mine, but the flower is similar. On line it is confusing as some companies show it without stripes and some with?

8 Jul, 2011


Looks like Geranium Magnificum

8 Jul, 2011


I have this too and just went to compare my picture with your....can't believe I didn't take one and the rain here yesterday really finished it off!
Anyway, the flowers didn't look like your SBG. I will compare the foliage later today.

9 Jul, 2011


Thats where my doubts came from shirley T :o)

9 Jul, 2011


I agree with Inverglen - G. x magnificum.

9 Jul, 2011


I have just posted a picture of mine SBG, and foliage. I really thought those rain showers we had yesterday would have finished the blooms camera doesn't do purple very well, some of them show up very blue.

9 Jul, 2011


Mine have just about finished flowering now.

9 Jul, 2011


Its not 'Johnsons blue' which is a hybrid with Pratense and Himalyense. It looks like the hybrid 'magnificum' but if it produces any seed, it will be something else as 'magnificum' is a sterile hybrid: i.e doesn't produce any seed at all. If there is seed, it could well be Geranium platypetalum or Geranium Ibericum (both the parents of Geranium 'magnificum'). Hope this helps.

10 Jul, 2011


thanks all. I have renamed it in my plant profile.

11 Jul, 2011

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