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Eryngium planum Saphire Blue Would like to purchase one but know nothing about how tall and would they survive in container.



Most garden centres have this plant. About 2-3 foot tall and may need some support if it gets wet and windy at the same time. Just a piece of green string until the weather calms down, then remove it. It is in bloom around now and the spiky flowers turn a bright electric blue after starting out green. I have one self seeded into the huge crinum pot. It was a new plant last year, now about to turn blue. It keeps a bunch of basal leaves all winter. The spent flowers are quite decorative when they dry off. Try it in a's a long lasting perennial.

8 Jul, 2011


Hi Dorjac
Many thanks for your prompt reply, really appreciated your answer re the Eryngium planum [sea holly] plant


8 Jul, 2011


great minds think alike so they say I have just bought two. I got big blue and blue hobbit, thay are turning blue now so im looking forward to a nice blue show

11 Jul, 2011


One thing I forgot to mention Pernera and Vabascum. When you are wafting about your patio in your silk Kaftan entertaining guests of an evening, and you detect an unpleasant aroma on the evening air, it will be the Eryngium sending out its refined, subtle doggy poo message to some little insects...come and pollinate me! It made me pause recently. So keep it away from entertainment areas!

12 Jul, 2011

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