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where are all the birds


By Bmwman

United Kingdom Gb

we have put upa bird table and the only visitor is a robin could somebody tell me why this is please



Don't worry Bmwman, We had the same problem, we were reduced to one Robin, now we have three, plus Blue tits, a Great tit, a Chaffinch, lots of blackbirds and some sparrows.
A little while ago while working I saw a Wren and some Tree creepers, there are still plenty of birds around.
A few years ago two Parakeets escaped from someone's house, near here, now we have thousands around the area, there are over 4 thousand living at the Rugby ground alone. Every morning they fly over screeching and fly back every night. They are quite a sight, bright green, but they must have interbred as we notice they are getting bigger and the noise drives everyone mad.
Sadly we have not heard a Cuckoo for years.

11 Jan, 2009


thank you so i have just have to be patient then? i have mealworms fat balls and bread and water on the table , and sunflower seeds ,fatsballs and peanuts hanging of the table is this the right food for attracting the garden birds

11 Jan, 2009


Sounds very good to me. We put the remains of the Christmas turkey out that may have helped.
Do you have cats around you who might deter the birds?. Or foxes which we have even though we live in a built up area.
Hope they return soon.

11 Jan, 2009


It can sometimes take a surprising and frustrating amount of time for birds to find a new source of food and then keep reurning to it. In the end it should be OK but if it isnt then try moving it to a new location and see if they like that better.

11 Jan, 2009


Just a thought - are there evergreen shrubs near to the bird table? Birds prefer to have a safe place to hide where they can look to ensure that the bird table is a safe place to go to. It might be a good idea to see the position of the table from their point of view, if it's a new one.
It does take birds a while to feel trusting enough to feed, then there's no stopping them!

Good luck!

11 Jan, 2009


thanks for all your answers i will keep you informed haha

11 Jan, 2009


well the commen sparrow ,starling and the commen frog are getting rare because of us humans.go to rome theres billions of starlings there.they drop 6 and a half tons of poo every night so dont take ya car lol

11 Jan, 2009


hi bmwman, we had a similar dip in bird visitors , but they are back again, maybe there is a better venue a few doors away? but in the spring it should get busy..................steve

11 Jan, 2009


Hi, I wasnt getting many birds visiting in Oct/Nov time and I took members advice like Spritzhenry's and moved the feed nearer to a tree and shrubby area and they came readily. I've noticed the smaller birds like the blue tits, tend to grab a nut and fly to the adjoining shrub, eat it and pop back, so the nearby shrub is quite convenient for them.

11 Jan, 2009


juust a logical thing to do if ya bite size

11 Jan, 2009


True Nosey, I just like to sit and gorge, lol. Bit like the wood pigeon that we get!

12 Jan, 2009


me 2 lol

19 Jan, 2009

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