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whats the best way to get a rose cutting to root, just plant it or put it in water first?



You could Google 'Rooting Rose cuttings'. There is a lot of info about it.

8 Jul, 2011


Hi, if you cut a length of stem, preferably 1 that hasn,t flowered app 12" long making a slanted cut at 1 end & a
flat cut at the other, so that you know which way up it is
insert about 2 thirds of it either into garden soil with a layer of sand at the bottom for drainage, or into a deep narrow pot containing a mix of 50/50 compost & sharp sand, if in the garden don,t let it get too wet, if you use the pot method put in a cold frame or sheltered spot outside, next spring you should see new growth, plant out where you want them to flower in the autumn, take cuttings from shoots about the thickness of a pencil.
I personally prefer the pot method as you have more control over the conditions.
Whatever you decide good luck.
ps you wont get any suckers with cuttings either

9 Jul, 2011

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