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is now a good time to prune wisteria

nottingham, United Kingdom

last year my wisteria didnt flower at all,i think im doing things right but im so scared when it comes to pruning it. any advice will be great



There's a very comprehensive guide to wisteria pruning at:

10 Jan, 2009


Yes, you may l find my reminders for caring for wisteria useful, they are at:

although the reference that Wagger has given contains much fuller information. Great minds and all that, Wagger!

10 Jan, 2009


Leave until March, pruning now will leave the flower buds open to frost.

10 Jan, 2009


Absolutely, Xela.

10 Jan, 2009


Just a personal preference but I disagree with you on this one DB, I find pruning in late Jan, early Feb makes the remaining buds stronger and better flowering as wasted energy is not being put into buds that are ultimately being cut off.
Once the remaining buds have matured you can always fleece at night when a March frost is forecast.

10 Jan, 2009


One question Deb has it flowered before?
I ask because some don't flower for the fist 3 or 4 years and seed grown it can be up to 10 years

11 Jan, 2009


my wisteria is about 4 years old now i had it before we did the garden. it has flowered before, but when we did the garden i moved it, could this be why? ive been giving it lots of t.l.c.

11 Jan, 2009


They do like a sunny wall (at least five hours a day April to October), did you change the direction it was facing or the soil it was in (they like neutral to slightly acidic)
Excessive nitrogen will also postpone or limit the blooming cycle.

As with many other plants, stressing can help with blooming.
Wisterias have many roots close to the surface, so if this year is again a disappointment try disturbing the surface roots by raking the area vigorously with a rake in the Autumn.
Another way is to root-prune them by driving a spade into the soil around the plant about 2 foot from the trunk.
Some Wisteria also tend to bloom better every other year

11 Jan, 2009


Hello, I prune mine just after flowering and then give them a really good prune in late august, early sept. I have nine (!!) of flowering age all different, but I have a very small garden so I keep them well within bounds - it does seem to work. Its only the bonsai ones that don't do as well. And I dont know why!

1 May, 2009

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