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I have some canterbury bells I sowed in June. I have just transplanted them into cell trays....being all new to this I'm not sure what to do with them.. as it's July now will they be big enough to plant out and flower this year? Thankyou.



These are biennials - when they're big enough, transplant in autumn to their flowering positions (plants should be outside now though, in their cells). They will flower next May/June.

7 Jul, 2011


Ok Thankyou for that :)

7 Jul, 2011


If they're not already outside, as the weather's cooled off now, put them out during the day but bring them back at night for 4 days or so, to harden them off, and then leave them out overnight.

7 Jul, 2011


they have been out in the day and in at night...I will do that now..thankyou so much I am determined to have Canterbury Bells in my garden..they remind me of my grandad :)

7 Jul, 2011

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