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Condition of soil


By Marge

West Yorkshire., United Kingdom Gb




Marge, are you asking what to do to improve clay soil?

If so, now is the best time to dig it over and let the frost break it up. Then, in early spring, dig in lots of horticultural grit, sand, compost and organic material including rotted manure if you can get hold of it. This will be a good start. Whenever you plant anything in the future, dig the hole bigger and back-fill with compost This will improve the soil in time. I do know how difficult it is to work clay soil, but it is full of nutrients and you can grow great roses in it!!!.

Good luck - I hope I understood what your question meant. LOL.

8 Jan, 2009


Hi SH. Sorry i only got one word on and the site whizzed off somewhere.

You are really clever answering a one word question.

I have been showing my husband Loris site about soil and the soil and water in a jam jar.We are going to try that too.

Love Marge.

8 Jan, 2009


Gee, thanks, I am blushing!

8 Jan, 2009


Yep gotta say that was very quick Spritz, that crystal ball on top of your pc is obviously working! lol i looked and thought will come back to that later, when it's updated. and just to add to Spritz's good advice, once you have dug it all over, mulch regually with composted bark, or homemade compost, another i have tried, but quite expensive is Coco shells - this is very good for clay soil, but you have to make sure you either press it down a bit or water in well as it can blow about in the wind. i mulch twice a year, spring and autumn, and i find that the worms take most of it down for you, hense less digging Yipeee!!! and also be careful about treading on your beds once they are dug over, this can compact the soil really easirly, i have some large beds that i have laid stepping stones through, so that i can get to the back without treading on soil, also make nice little stands for pots for a bit of seasonal interest.

9 Jan, 2009


... but not if you have a dog, Marge! Coco-shells are lethal to them.

9 Jan, 2009


oooh did'nt know that Spritz, lucky you said, i gues that would make sense as chocolate is toxic to dogs is'nt it.

9 Jan, 2009


I think I read that Marge hasn't got a dog - but I thought I'd better add it for other members, Angie!

9 Jan, 2009

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