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Mystery Tulip part 2

essex, England Eng

Futher to my recent question about an 'orange/peach' tulip i have found in my garden, well gues what Littlelarford was right - it has completely changed colour as it has matured - it is now bright red/orange - i have had another look in my book and still can't find it - id find another one called 'Abba' - but i have some other's growing near by that look exactly like the pictures of 'Abba' in my book but nothing like this mystery one! has anyone any ideas please!




Hmmm - talk about a tough question! There are literally thousands of different tulip varieties to choose from. Your best bet may be to take a couple of flowers along to the RHS at Hyde Hall and see if they will identify it for you (although I think this option may only be available to members?)

15 Mar, 2008


I've come across another tulip in our Taylors catalogue called Orange Nassau. It's clutching at straws I know, but it looks quite similar. Like Abba, this is a double early fragrant variety. It's so difficult isn't it when you inherit a garden and can't identify a specific plant - we have a beautiful pink old rose which no-one's been able to name as yet, it's so frustrating.

15 Mar, 2008


thanks, no not a memeber of RHS Andrew, and to be honest - it's not the end of the world if i can't i.d it i will just list it as double early orange tulip for now and keep an eye open for it at work. and thanks littlelar Orange Nassau is pretty close, but mine has a yellow centre - i think! and i dont think Nassau does, but i will make a note of it - i have some more of them coming up. thanks all for trying - thought it would be worth a go, sometimes you hit lucky - if someone has the same one in there garden! i will let you know if i get to the bottom of it!

16 Mar, 2008

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