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By Jojo77

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello folks, I am very new to this gardening business and am trying to sort my garden out so my two children have a lovely place to play yet like the pretty plants and flowers around. I have noticed this 'plant' which has seeded in several places and I am pretty certain it is a weed. Can anyone identify it and advise? I have ruled out jap knotweed as this was my first though since the stems are hollow. The leaves are paired and the end ones tinged burgundy. The flowers are White and burgundy droplet shape. Here are a couple of photos. Any feedback is much appreciated! Thank you. Sorry can't add photo from iPhone .



youve forgotten the pictures .

5 Jul, 2011


Sounds a bit like Leycesteria - also known as Pheasant berry. It tends to arrive as a present from the birds that like to eat the berries, so it self seeds quite often. It can grow into quite an impressive sized bush in a short time (couple of years). I'd get it out if it's somewhere that won't take a 6' - 8' high and wide bush. It is possible to keep it pruned but that takes work. On the other hand, if it's arrived in a suitable place it's quite kid-proof - will regrow easily after footballs have bashed it about. ;-)

5 Jul, 2011


Beattie thank you so much! My plant is now identified and I can now tell my mum in law who realises she gave me a cutting! Thank you for taking the time to read my message and respond.

5 Jul, 2011


My pleasure Jojo :-)

5 Jul, 2011

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