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I was really quite happy to have found a bees nest in my garden at the weekend - in the bird nesting box. Great fun watching the bees coming and going (from a safe distance!), however, when I had a wander round the garden this morning - I found wasps using the nest, coming and going. Is it possible for bees and wasps to build nests together? Do they share the same nest? Have the wasps driven the bees away? The view of the inside is quite limited due to the nest box location, but I can just make out a greyish coloured nest inside, approximately 6" - 8". Here's a photo to help with the answers.

Dsc00998 Wasps



They do look like wasps that have found a comfy location Greenfingers. If they are are wasps....are they near to where you might eat and drink in the garden? We had a nest in the roof near the patio one year and they were a pain. So a brave friend squirted wasp killer through their exit hole later in the dark evening. It went quiet after that. Later we found a grey tissue like nest about 1 foot across in the attic.

5 Jul, 2011


Hi Dorjac - the bees I saw originally were different to those shown in my photo, these appeared a couple of days later - I'm sure they're wasps, but don't want to do anything which will harm the bees.....dilemma!
There is a 'nest' inside the birdhouse which I wouldn't want to disturb but I'd be a bit miffed if wasps have taken over the bees home.

10 Jul, 2011

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