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By Stevec

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I have some low growing jasmine in my garden which is taking over with ground shoots working their way across the garden. I have tried cutting back but more shoots come up. Please help



hi Steve, you say low growing, does this mean it does'nt climb very high, or that it is more like a ground cover plant? If you mean it is a ground cover plant, are you sure it is Jamine, as far as i am awear, most Jasmines have a climbing habbit, not usualy low growing, unless ofcourse you have it planted somewhere that has no support or nothing to climb on, in which case the advice would be to either give it something to climb up, this should solve the problem, or failing that move it so that it is next to a fence or trellis etc. if you mean that it is just not that high on a fence, then the best advice is to just keep removing all the unwanted bits as they appear, or remove the plant and plant in a pot, so that it does'nt invade the rest of the gardens, i know that some variety of Jasmine do spread a bit, but never heard of it becoming a problem before. If your not sure it is Jasmine, would it be poss to post a photo, maybe someone will be able to identify the plant for you. hope this helps.

7 Jan, 2009


another thought Steve, something which i missed out before, Is this plant Winter Jasmine, which is ofcourse completely different, more like a low growing shrub does not have a climbing habbit at all. silly me lol the general advice with this is to cut back all side shoots which have flowered during March. thin out some of the old branches. it also says that it is very easy to take cutting via layering, which is basically securing a stem just below the surface of the soil, and it will root and make a new plant. i suspect this is what is happening with yours, rather than succering. in which case when you do your anuunal prune in March remove lower branches that are touching the soil which should prevent this from happening.

7 Jan, 2009


Hi Steve,
To stop the root run and your Jasmine from suckering forward, dig a trench around it, put in a thick double layer of polythene, fill in the trench.

7 Jan, 2009

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