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By Mishian

United Kingdom

i am moving house and want to take my bamboo,its a green large one that ive had since it was a baby and really want to take with me,please advise me???

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I think you may have to try to take a side shoot or two, rather than attempting to dig the whole plant up - people often ask how to get rid of Bamboos and the answer is always - 'with difficulty'!

You'll have such a huge rootball by now, depending on the species, of course, you'd probably need a digger to get it out - so try digging up a cane or two from the side and see how you get on. Pot them up at once, of course. I expect you'll have to wait a while until the ground is unfrozen.

7 Jan, 2009


My advice would be to dig up as much as you can manage. In most cases this would be a maximum of what can go in a wheelbarrow. Having the larger root system (as opposed to having just a couple of shoots) will go a long way to ensuring your plant has the best start in its new location.

Do remember that drought will kill the most hardy bamboos. So if it can't go straight in to the ground when you arrive cover it with hessian or soil and keep it damp until it can be replanted.

7 Jan, 2009


I once tried the side shoot thing Spritz, about 5 years ago. I am still waiting for decent growth. It may differ from bamboo to bamboo but I think Muddywellies is right if you can manage it.


7 Jan, 2009


OK. I give in - Mishian, they both think you should try the whole plant! I wish you luck.

Sneakily, why not try a piece before you do the deed and then if digging the lot up is a failure, you have a fall-back? These men are not always right!

7 Jan, 2009


The longer you can leave them where they Are before moving them the better. Ideal time to move them iis April when side shoots are sending out new roots. If you cant wait till then put them into well drained pots or trays so the stems can lie close tio the surface.. It is better to plant young shoots rather than tall canes.

8 Jan, 2009

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