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I am have terrible problems with a weed in my garden. It looks like a very small christmas tree and the roots go on forever. I have tried various weed killers but they always come back after a few weeks.



It sounds like marestail .

It is notoriously difficult to eradicate and mnost wed killers don't touch it.

Kibosh kills the top growth within a few days but is very expensive and I'm not yet convinced it kills all of the root

Here's something I wrote on the subject

3 Jul, 2011


You will never get rid, but if you constantly pull them up they do get thinner and weaker till you end up with just a few weak ones. They like poor soil and unfortunately have this habit of coming up in the centre of the plants making weedkiller unusable. If they are really invading a plant then the only way is to dig it up to remove the weed from in between the plant roots.

3 Jul, 2011

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