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By Roger

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Could someone tell me the best product to get rid of the clover on my lawn as it is spreading at quite an alarming rate, I would be most appreciative



So have I, Roger, so I want to follow this post. My lawn has never looked so bad as it does this year! :-//

3 Jul, 2011


I find that most of the usual weed and feed products do a good job on my clover but that the granular products work better for me that the liquid kind you dilute in a watering can. But both should do the job.

3 Jul, 2011


There are not many herbicides on the market for the general public to buy. Scotts Verdone Extra Spot Weed. is one and Bayer 601157 Lawn Weedkiller is another. Another alternative is to get a lawn treatment company to do the job for you. They use herbicides that you cannot buy from shops as they require a licence and can generally do the job cheaper than yourself. These weedkillers only kill activley growing weeds which is why you have to blanket spray your lawn at first then spot spray later on to control new weeds germinating. As for your lawn looking bad this year i would put that down to the dry spring we had last year and this year which causes major problems for grass unless your watering correctly. Keeping the cutting height at about 1.5 inches during dry periods keeps the grass healthier and greener during any dry periods.

6 Jul, 2011

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