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By Kerri

Renfrewshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi there I am back to this camelia. It appears that it has what looks like a runner a couple of feet from the main bush but is attached to the root which seems to be large and rather important. This also looks like another bush. Can I dig this up and treat as another bush or would that be likely to damage the original bush.



A couple of feet away shouldn't damage the original bush, though I would wait for cooler weather to dig it up. If the root it is attached to is more than thumb, thick, though, I would wait until the lower stem has started to put out roots of its own, before cutting it from the mother plant, and pruning it enough to remove about 1/3 of the foliage.

4 Jul, 2011


Thank you for your reply I will wait until it is cooler but to be honest until the last few days it has only been cool here in Scotland.
There are actually 2 of these 'runners' I call them but if they were on a rose I would take them right off.

4 Jul, 2011


Unlike roses, Camellias are normally grown from cuttings, so any "suckers" aren't likely to be different from the parent plant. On the other hand, I would double check to make sure that they actually are Camellias, since I have never heard of them coming up from roots, especially so far from the mother plant.

4 Jul, 2011

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