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I planted a Rhus typhina in 2009, it was about 1 metre tall and in a 3 litre pot. In january 2010 I noticed after gale force winds that the bark had split on the trunk. White sap was seeping through the split, thought this may be a sealant to protect plant. More bark has split since, the plant is growing and producing foliage and seems healthy enough. Is there some kind of bandage to protect it? Why did it happen and is it a common problem?



It could be that the tree sustained some damage during the intense cold in November and December, and when the gales arrived, that weakened area allowed the split to happen. Either remove one of the split limbs in autumn, when the tree is dormant, or leave it alone and see how it goes. You can buy horticultural tape for binding wounds like this, but it's probably too late to try that now, should have been bandaged at the time the damage occurred.

7 Jul, 2011


Thanks for that, appreciate your comments

13 Aug, 2011

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