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i Have some small beech trees about 3 ft high to put in for a hedge. i have sandy soil . When can i plant these how far apart do i plant them and also do i need to add anything when i am planting e.g tree and shrub compost.


By Tennis

United Kingdom Gb

My name is Martin




Hello Martin, I've just purchased 250 (40cm high) bare rooted beech plants for hedging, for delivery next week. The supplier has advised 5 plants per metre, staggered (3 one row, 2 the other) and about 1ft to 18" between the staggered rows. Beech likes well drained soil apparently, as we are on clay we need to add compost and drainage material when setting, hope this helps a little. If DoctorBob sees the question I'm sure he will be able to help further as he has helped me. Dawn

4 Jan, 2009


I don,t aanything about beech trees,but I LOVE your pics of the polar bears

4 Jan, 2009


Hello Tennis,
As you are on sand, your soil will drain quite well.
Spent mushroom compost would be my choice for your Beech trees, it has chalk in it which will balance the nutriments in your soil for a Beech hedge. Do as Dawn says when planting, in a trench,
3 feet wide.
Thank you Dawn for the kind words.

4 Jan, 2009


Hi DoctorBob, you set x50 4 foot beech recently, didn't you. How far apart did you set those, might be useful for Martin as his are a similar size to yours.

4 Jan, 2009


Martin, as Dawn says I did set 50 Beech recently, similar size to yours. I don't know how many trees you have, plant in a staggered row 18ins. apart giving you a double row for your hedge.

4 Jan, 2009

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