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Where have my parrots flown to?

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I got a parrot plant for my birthday and it flourished on my shady windowsill with little maintenance, which was a pleasant surprise as I'm so un-green fingered I managed to kill a cactus..!

On moving house I left it in the care of my parents and when I returned all the parrots had migrated and I'm left with a green leafed stick. The leaves look well and the plant is sturdy but just parrotless. How can I get them back? Is it stress?

Thanks in advance for any help

On plant Impatiens niamniamensis



Hi Hamarriet, welcome to GOY, as the plant is otherwise healthy, i would assume this is due to time of year. i must admit, i have no experience with this particular variety, but i do know Impatiens, in general flower through the summer. most varieties are purely grown as annuals. but if you are overwintering inside, or using as a house plant, i would saggest letting it have a bit of a break, this is beneficial to all flowering plants, be careful not to overwater, keep it away from drafts and central heating, then start feeding and maybe re-pot or top dress the soil about March time, and this should bring it back into flower for you.

5 Jan, 2009

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