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Just potted four small fruit trees in large tubs, each morning the soil is frozen, will this kill them because I cant water them.

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the fruit trees are conference pear, braeburn apple, victoria plus and stella cherry



Can you put a thick bark mulch on top and/or wrap the pot in bubble wrap and fleece the top?

3 Jan, 2009


The fruit trees are hardy, leave them alone. Don't fleece the frost in.
You have protected the roots under the soil, too much protection will start premature growth.

3 Jan, 2009


~i wasn't advocating fleecing the frost in~you would have to do it when the frost has given~it will depend how small your little trees are and how badly they are being frosted,
My daughter has two conference pears about 5 foot tall in large pots against the back wall of the house and they made it through last winter without problems.
A single layer of fleece overnight is what Wyevale do with their plants.

3 Jan, 2009


I put some new ones in to join the dozen+ I already have just a month ago. The ones you have are fully hardy and will be fine. You need no fleece or mulch. Don't worry about watering. They are dormant.


3 Jan, 2009

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