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cold shady dry spot, need a lovely climber

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Round the back of my house there's a trellis that goes from a cold shady dry spot (north-facing) up to a paved area that's quite sunny - midday to afternoon, full sun (west facing). What can I put there that'll climb up and give me colour - and scent too, if possible, in the summer? I imagine sitting there basking and enjoying a completely slug-free garden.... LOL



~what about honeysuckle(scented) at the cold dry shady end and a wisteria at the other end in full sun~ the blue and the gold/pink could be nice?

3 Jan, 2009


Or a climbing hydrangea? Loves shade on its roots. The slug free bit.......? If you get there give everybody a shout. Lol.


3 Jan, 2009


also Virginia creeper,Clematis Armandii and what about climbing roses~you will definitely get one for the sunny aspect.

3 Jan, 2009


Oooo. I think climbing hydrangea at the shady end would be lovely. They are pretty slow growers though.
Clematis like to have shady roots but sun on their leaves.
Climbing roses would need at least 6 hours of full sun a day to flower properly but would be good at the sunny end.
Virginia creeper will grow like a weed but doesn't really have much in the way of flowers and fragrance. Lovely colour in the fall.
What about a trumpet vine?

3 Jan, 2009


~Campsis Gilli?I have pictures of a lovely one on the main building at Wisley which had gone bananas!

3 Jan, 2009


I'd go for a clematis, who likes its feet in the shade and the rest of it in the sun. Likes an alkaline soil. There are so many species of clematis and loads of books. Check out amazon. I'd forget about a rose. Although they do claim that Zephyrine Drouhin (the thornless rose) likes a northern exposure (meaning no sun). Maybe there is a climbing version.

3 Jan, 2009


There is indeed a climbing Zephirin drouin. We had one for years, planted by my father. It eventually succumbed to black spot which just wouldn't go away so it is no more.


4 Jan, 2009


That's right Arlene. Once they get established they are amazing.

4 Jan, 2009


Thanks everyone - I thought Zephirin Drouhin needed sun - but if not, that 's top of my list. Which honeysuckle has the best scent? Never thought of climbing hydrangeas. That sounds good. Do hydrangeas and clematis have scent? Should I dig a bean trench type of space for them? ( the ground is compacted builder's rubble and clay subsoil - Yay!)

4 Jan, 2009

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