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Dicentra Lichiangensis

Switzerland Ch

Each time I vow never to order anything more from Albrecht Hoch in Berlin (, they send me their catalogues again, and I succomb. Their website BTW is completely new. Very nice people, very competent service, fascinating plants, very old family establishment.

So anyway, I saw this YELLOW bleeding heart in the newest catalogue, and it is a must have! Do any of you have it? If so, what will it want from me? How big is it?
Yellow! I can't imagine it, can you?

These people have the most amazing rarities, from little yellow speckled frittilarias to several varieties of meconopsis, specially selected irises, peonies, lilies and various perennials, both common and rare.

They ship to anywhere, it would seem, and the plants always arrive lovingly wrapped in moist straw.

The only thing is: not everything does well. My meconopsis betonicifolia was a complete flop despite my having given it a north-east exposure and terrific drainage. Oh that blue....But alas, no success.

Anyhow, I digress from my question, which is: Can anyone tell me anything about Dicentra Lichiangensis?

TNX, Nancy

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I think it may be a climber,such as Dicentra cucullaria,which I have.Cucullaria needs a sheltered spot,for the roots but it needs its head in the sun.

1 Jan, 2009


hi there, i have never seen a yellow one before, Bren may well be right. I do have the white and pink varieties that are medium size perennials, and they like shade, and reasonably moist soil. I did'nt know that there were any climbing varieties, so i shall be very interested to see pic's of your new baby! and i am the same by the way, my garden is packed full, but thoughs catolouges come through from Jparkers etc and i just can't help myself! lol

1 Jan, 2009


Just another comment,
there is also Dicentra Scandens, another yellow flowered climber, which I have.
And also the seed pods are red sausages,I,ve saved some in Autumn,to have a go in Spring 2009 Try google images

1 Jan, 2009


From Crug Farm website, a nursery in North Wales run by a husband and wife plant explorer couple who probably introduced it:
"A remarkable climbing species of Dicentra, possessing a more restrained habit to only 3m tall in cultivation for us and of a similar stature when we encountered it in the wild in a Northern Indian mountain forest. With its own distinct bronzy tinted foliage born on bright reddish tendrilled stems, bearing generous clusters of orange-suffused yellow locket-flowers produced through the summer into autumn, followed by decorative inflated reddish beaked seed pods"

1 Jan, 2009


Sounds beautiful, is it fully hardy in the UK? if so, i don't supose you would like to do a seed swap Bren? - i have lots to offer, if you are interested please send me PM and hopefully we can sort something out.

1 Jan, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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