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Another newbie question: When I write a comment on someone's photo or blog I get this little sign which reads "Edit Comment". The comments of everyone else don't have this but instead the word "flag". My question: why? :-) Nancy



Hello LilyC, You can only edit a last comment against any subject, all comments superseded are locked. I often find my typos in the locked comments but have never been picked up on it, we are a very informal and friendly community.

1 Jan, 2009


You can only edit your own comments Nancy and then only for a short while. That is in case you should make a mistake and wish to change it a little later.

'Flag' is something you can do to other people's posts if you feel that they do not comply with the GoY guidelines. i.e. If they are not polite or contain offensive material or too much commercial content. The posting is then sent to Peter and Ajay, the admins., who then adjudicate and see if anything should be done about it. It is all done confidentially.

There is a blog showing the guidelines from just a few days ago if you haven't seen them.

Welcome to GoY and a Happy New year by the way.


1 Jan, 2009

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