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My laburnum tree flowers but never grows any bigger.When it finishes flowering it doen't look very healthy,it's very woody.Can you help please.



Hi don't say How old or how tall is your laburnum. Sometimes a young tree takes 3-4 years to get its roots down and take off. It might be rather dry. Some competition from trees near to perhaps? Our Laburnum is far taller than we ever wanted it to grow. It has been there for 20 odd I can't recall how slow it was to start really growing.

30 Jun, 2011


Hi Dorjac......thanks for that.My Laburnum tree is 7 years old and is about 10ft away from a massive Indian Bean Tree which could well be the problem...seeing as it's not that big,i could replant it elsewhere.
With thanks.

6 Jul, 2011


Better look up some good tips on moving an established tree, and the best time to of the year to do this. I have not had any experience at this task.

6 Jul, 2011


Thanks for that Dorjac,i will probably do just that.

12 Jul, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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