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middle of lawn discovered 2 separate lots of green leaves - looks like prunus - on trying to pull it up there were long roots underground towards nexr doors garage and house - prunus in garden over the back fence - could it send roots out whcich then do a left turn?



It is probably the dreaded tree with red candles Rhus /Sumach. It's roots can travel and pop up some distance away. I don't think Prunus does this. If you keep mowing it can't develope its shoots. We too had a back neighbour who grew one of these near our back fence. Kept coming up among my shrub border. Had a friendly word, to no effect. Effectively dealt with, after a discrete pause, by spraying unfriendly substance on said shoots.

30 Jun, 2011


We have been trying to deal with roots from a huge Prunus ,that was growing in my daughters garden,when they moved sawn down,to the delight of neighbours...but oh those roots ! all across the full width of the lawn,and suckers appearing everywhere.It took us three hours and a crowbar,to dig one out,as thick as a yes,they do spread...sadly ! Bad choice for a small garden...

2 Jul, 2011

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