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Lupin seeds

Edinburgh, Scotland Sco

One last question for today...I promise! Do lupin seed grow into the same as the parent plant? If so do they require any special treatment. If not how would I propogate? Too my untrained eye, division doesn't look right.
Thanks for all you help today.



Garden lupins are unlikely to come true from seed. The only way I can think of to propogate them otherwise is by root cuttings, but I have never tried this.

29 Jun, 2011


Grown from seed they have a tendency to revert to the wild blue ones, but you could well be lucky as they don't always.

29 Jun, 2011


in the spring you can take cuttings from some of the new shoots that emerge. they will be the same as the 'parent' plant. I have grown self sown seed and soe are similar tro the parent and others totaly different. I have never yet got the wild colours [despite wanting them !]

29 Jun, 2011


Thanks guys. I think I will try both methods and see what pops up.

29 Jun, 2011


steragram hit the nail on the head, i bought a set of 4 different ones about 5 years ago......this year ive had 3 purple & 1 red.

29 Jun, 2011


I moved a Lupin in feb, it too was about 5 yrs old. when I dug the root ball up, I notice sevral sections with growth buds on them, so I split it up. all the sections are growing away well. The same thing happened with some echinacea and a couple of william guiness Aqualegia

30 Jun, 2011


Thanks Windy and 2ndhand....I moved 2 lupins a few weeks ago as they weren't doing very well where they were, I should have paid more attention to the root ball rather than rushing to re plant.

1 Jul, 2011

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