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what bulbs should I sow in January, to flower in spring


By Tessy

Ireland Ie

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Hi Tessy welcome to GOY, you are a little late for most bulbs to be honest, daff's tulips etc are normally planted in autumn, however, if you take a trip to B&Q or Homebase, or your local florist you will be able to find some that are potted up and shooting, that you can plant out now, i have seen tete tate narcissus, iris and tulips already this year on my last trip to B&Q - you will pay more for them, but they will give you some much needed spring colour. there are a few things that are ideal to be planted now, such as lily of the valley, althought these are latter to flower, May time. but if you want the early ones, best to buy some already growing. hope this helps

29 Dec, 2008


Hello Tessy, also welcome to GOY.
If you live in Southern Ireland your soil will be warmer, but if buying cheap bulbs now check for storage rot.
I have planted Daffodils and Tulips in late February, but they are very short in growth when flowering.
As Angie said you can buy bulbs already started but harden them off before planting.

29 Dec, 2008


yes DrB is quite right, if you buy started off ones from a big store, they will need hardening off, however, if you buy them from a florist shop, they will be standing outside all day, and in a cold flower store of a night, so they will be fine to go straight out, obvioulsy avoid planting during heavy frost periods, i know the shop where i work, they are kept cold to hold back the flowers.

29 Dec, 2008

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