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Seaweed as manure for fruit ?


By Quodog

United Kingdom Gb

I have recently planted raspberry (both summer and autumn) canes in soil that has been recently dug over with plenty of well rotted horse manure. As I have access to as much seaweed as can be carried would this be a useful top-up ? I have heard that seaweed should not be used for fruit growing. Also an old gardening book recommends coal soot as a useful additive for raspberry cultivation, is this advisable ? I would appreciate some advice. Many thanks, Quodog



Hello Qudog,
Welcome to GOY.
A this time you do not need anymore manure for your raspberries. Compost the seaweed before use. Mulch with it in August. You may not get any fruit on your early raspberries this year.
A light dressing of soot will keep away many pests and has some nitrogen benefits.

28 Dec, 2008


Make sure you wash the seaweed well before composting or putting it in water to use as a liquid fertilizer as the salt can harm your plants

28 Dec, 2008


Don't worry, if composted properly the sea salts which are in seaweed and on seaweed will have neutralised in eight months. In Scotland seaweed has been used direct on ground planted with potatoes and being on the surface it dries and weathers to make suitable humus.

28 Dec, 2008

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