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I have been given a potted balloon flower. can i plant it in my garden and when and where?

On plant Platycodon grandiflorus



I also still have a xmas 2011 pointsettia plant growing indoors in its original pot and still flourishing,(only 2 red leaves left the rest are green) will i kill it if i re-pot it as it is getting top heavy for the pot and i'm sure its roots must be really tight, and if i re-pot it, what sort of peat should i use?

28 Jun, 2011


I had one of these last year, Jacqui, and I planted it out, and Lo and behold, it popped up again the following year even stronger. It was in quite a sheltered place though. They're very beautiful. Annie (Cumbria)

PS. It should be OK to re-pot your Poinsettia so long as you don't disturb the roots too much. I would just use ordinary potting compost, and perhaps add some grit to keep the soil well drained. Then give it a bit of a feed to make up for it being disturbed, poor thing!!

28 Jun, 2011


I wouldn't worry too much about Balloon Flower: It's hardy down to -40ยบ C.

29 Jun, 2011


Plant the balloon flower out, in a sheltered position, in full sun to part shade, if it's a perennial it will come up year after year. But there are annual forms, of which you could collect the seed from.

29 Jun, 2011

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