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I have received several nightime visits from an unidentified creature that eats a whole shrub at a time! It also digs at the lawn leaving bare patches about 3 inches square. I have concluded it is a fox as nothing smaller could eat so much, but will foxes really eat plants? Any suggestions on something else it might be, and any advice on deterring it? Many thanks!



possibly a badger they eat veg, love carrots and will eat a whole rows. They can grow very big and can do a lot of damage to a garden.

28 Jun, 2011


I reckon Badger too, they are looking for worms etc in the lawn and they can wreak havoc!

28 Jun, 2011


I agree

28 Jun, 2011


On an evening walk, on a Devon holiday, we once saw several badgers eating strawberries. They didn't run off as they were so enjoying themselves.

29 Jun, 2011

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