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why are my healthy fuscia plants not producing flowering buds. I feed them on a weekly basis.



Only one of mine has at the moment and that one is a huge one in a trough. The others have sprouted but no buds just yet. They seem to take their time.

27 Jun, 2011


Mine are the same, got one which has loads of buds and flowers but with the rest im still waiting.

27 Jun, 2011


Are they not just late flowerers? I've got two fully hardy, which I've had in the garden for years and they're not even finished producing leaves yet. These do not flower until late August/early September.

27 Jun, 2011


It is amazing how the microclimates in different gardens affect the way plants bloom. My fuchsias in an Essex garden are in full bloom. One which usually comes on late is in bloom. The new ones are in just about to open bud. The one big old one that survived the winter is in full swing. I face SW and sheltered. One in a basket is still wondering whether it even wants to make buds! There is always a baddie in the class.

28 Jun, 2011

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