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Privet Hedge Dying


By Markn

United Kingdom Gb

I have a privet hedge in my garden that has started to die off from one end, plant by plant.

We have heavy clay soil, and the hedge has been there in excess of 25 years.

The only thing that has changed is that I have placed guttering around the shed, which drains off reasonably close to the end that has the problem.

Could this be the cause?





it could be the prblem or it could be the hedge has taken all the goodness out the say at a guess its the first myself

24 Dec, 2008


Sorry to say this happens with Privet. I should remove the next one before it goes wrong and seal off the area where they grow with a plastic sheet as it may be Honey Fungus to which Privet is very susceptible. Though it is most likely the water loggging on Clay

27 Dec, 2008



27 Dec, 2008


Thanks for coming back.

Does Honey fungus have any particular symptoms?


27 Dec, 2008


Yes - bootlace-type things running from affected shrubs, a distinct 'mushroom -y' smell and fungal growths from the base of the shrubs. Also, a grey-ish white layer under the bark.

27 Dec, 2008


i hope you sorted your problem

3 Jan, 2009


I haven't had a chance to double check to see if it is displaying any of the symptoms, but the first two plants that died certainly didn't show them.

I am going to place a water butt under the drainpipe from the shed just in case it is being waterlogged, and will remove the dead plants.

I was also thinking of putting some feed down as well, but not sure exactly what I should use.



4 Jan, 2009


chicken manure is a good clean all rounder ive found

4 Jan, 2009


Got the same problem, its a long hedge and its creeping along. If its water logging on clay in my case, what can i do, been here 25 years and nothing's changed other than taking a saw to the hedge and cutting it from 10ft to a manageable 4ft about 4 years ago.


15 Jan, 2009


i doubt cutting it back hurt it

19 Jan, 2009

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