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Can anyone help to identify this plant, it was given to me in a pot and i planted it in a sheltered spot in my garden. I thought it maybe some type of Aloe but have been told it's not.Sorry but the photo does'nt do it justice.

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Flower does vaguely look like Aloe but the plant itself looks like an alpine succulent of the Sempervivum family.

26 Jun, 2011


Thank you

26 Jun, 2011


Weird looking thing - definitely sempervivum type rosettes, but I've never seen a flower like that on a sempervivum.

26 Jun, 2011


The Sempervivum flowers I've seen tend to be more open. I wondered if it could be an Echeveria.

26 Jun, 2011


Getting closer - it's an aloe, but not vera!
Compare yours to this -

Is it Aloe humilis? The leaves and flowers seem to match pretty well.

26 Jun, 2011


I'm pretty sure its an Agave. Send a pm to Julien!

26 Jun, 2011


I've just looked in my RHS plant book and it is an aloe, Stewart, as I'd thought, and as Beattie said. Aloe Aristata, and it comes from South Africa. Annie (Cumbria)

26 Jun, 2011


Oh well, you can't win 'em all. I used to have one so the poor thing never had its proper name.

3 Jul, 2011

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