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My dog keeps weeing on my patio and its smells even though im cleaning it with bleach. Does anyone know of anything I can use to get rid of the smell.



Sorry the honest answer is stop your dog peeing on your patio. Create an area of the garden where he can pee or walk him so regularly he does not need to pee in the garden. Urine on paving slabs, especially if they are the ones made on concrete is going to stink no mattrwhat you do.

26 Jun, 2011


All I can think of is Jeyes fluid, which smells just as bad.

26 Jun, 2011


Not any more it doesn't - the old version did, but the EU has decreed that the 'smelly' ingredient is a banned chemical, so good old Jeyes smells entirely different. :-(

Cookygirl, there's an animal repellent spray that you can get at B&Q - try spraying that on the patio to heep him off there. My Lab. hates it!

26 Jun, 2011


Try biological washing powder. It should do the trick. It may also discourage him from using the patio in the future.

27 Jun, 2011


But don't let the water get near your plants.

27 Jun, 2011


thanks everyone

27 Jun, 2011

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