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Swansea, United Kingdom

Hi all
could somebody identify these plants for me please.



The first two are Leycesterias and the third looks like a Potentilla, google them and look at the images and see if they match yours there.

24 Jun, 2011


Top one is Leycesteria formosa (Pheasant berry) middle one looks like the same plant but a yellow leaved version (probably the same name with something like 'aureum' on the end) and the third is a Potentilla fruticosa, pic's a bit blurry, so can't name the variety.

24 Jun, 2011


SNAP, Louise...

24 Jun, 2011



24 Jun, 2011


I think the same as Louise and Bamboo. Middle one might be Leycesteria 'Golden Lanterns'.

24 Jun, 2011

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