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What to do with a new hellebore plant at this time of year? Should I have bought one in June? It is a variety of Feotidisima called 'Wilgenbroek', and the whole plant seems to be yellow. Are they dormant and not in growth in this season, in their leaves and at their roots? Normally when taking a plant out of its pot, we tease out any congestedness of their roots with an implement before we plant. But if the roots of this plant are not in growth, then might my teasing them out be to no advantage, or even damage them at a time when they cannot repair? Advice appreciated hellebore lovers.




Just from looking at the plant it looks like it is pot bound and needs planting asap! Just water it in and make sure it doesn't dry out when the weather is very dry.
A feed will help initially too.
My Hellebores have great big green leaves at the moment, but have finished flowering.

28 Jun, 2011

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