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RE: If you add a couple more pictures we could give more help, take some of the leaves and stems if you could.

Done. Oval leaves, non-serated edges. Stem colouring varies from a green/fawn colour to a darker brown when older.




I don't recognise this. I would have guessed cherry plum but that has thorns so it can't be that. But another time when you want to add information to an original question you add it as a comment , as if you were answering it. Then people will know what the original question was, and the person who asked you for the photo will receive notification that you have done it.

Nice to see a question from Sheffield - my home town.

I wonder why you want to propagate it if it doesn't have flowers or fruit? You could try taking a piece of semi ripe wood (ie which has grown this year), take the leaves off the bottom three quarters of it and put it into some open compost in a cold frame if you have one or even try several in the open ground - some trees will root this way if you leave them in position for 12 months or so. But not knowing what it is can't guarantee this is right! Good luck anyway - perhaps somebody else will have a better answer.

24 Jun, 2011


Ta for that. We don't have any problems with the tree but it's a bugger not being able to recall what it is. If you're from the area you'll know the place we got it from; Wentworth Garden Centre. It's that long ago now, but we too think it's a fruit-bearing tree that we purchased - which has never 'fruited'. It's kind of missing its raison d'etre. Fed up of looking out of the window every Spring yelling "Flower, damn you!". We've been patient long enough! Nature isn't helping out. I thought about maybe taking a cutting or so and handing them around friends to see if they had any success. Blinkin' long experiment though....

24 Jun, 2011


try a high potash feed to stimulate fruit & flower growth, and a general purpose feed if its not been fed, do not feet after about july as the growth will be too soft for the cold weather, ideally feed in spring ( you could take a leaf & bit of branch back to the GC for identification.....)

24 Jun, 2011


It looks like Birch or Willow or Poplar to me!! I could be wrong though. Try taking a branch back to the supplier and ask them what it is!

25 Jun, 2011


Re: It looks like Birch or Willow or Poplar to me!!

Hmmm. Looked on a few photo sites relating to those trees but none of their leaves look like my enclosed updated photo.

Took it to the local garden centre who were polite enough but suggested I look at tree photos to identify it as they didn't know. Got to appreciate honesty.

25 Jun, 2011


Have you taken a photo of the tree and a branchful of leaves back to Wentworth? I agree its not birch willow or poplar. I'm pretty sure its not a native tree anyway.

26 Jun, 2011


I've been 'surfing' you could look at 'viburnum' there are many different ones the deciduous not evergreen maybe one of the 'bodnantense'?
the leaf is also similar to some of the elms...

27 Jun, 2011


Been working, so not had a chance to put up more photos. Will attempt that later in the week. Yes, I too have looked at elm leaves but it comes back to texture (this tree has mottled leaves) and no serations. I will take a leaf & branch example back into Wentworth. See what they have to offer.

Thanks all for the advice.

28 Jun, 2011

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