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Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone ID these two plants please. I found the plant in first two pics smothered by bigger shrub and planted out during winter and has developed into as seen (hoping for some nice colour to pop out!). The last pic is something that has popped up out of the blue, could it be a pretty weed!

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Hi, the first one is Solidago (golden rod) insects love it but it can be a bit invasive.
The second one is Lysimachia punctata (loosestrife)

23 Jun, 2011


I agree and the Lysimachia can also be invasive. But both are good nectar plants. I love them

23 Jun, 2011


Halve the size of clumps every 2-3 years and they stop invading!


23 Jun, 2011


The Lysimachia can be very invasive, especially in damp conditions, if even just a small portion of root is left in the ground it will sprout!!

23 Jun, 2011


Has visions of lysimachia taking over the world!


23 Jun, 2011


We had Lysymachia in a narrow space between 2 garden walls. Very difficult to persuade it to stop growing there!!! I only remember Golden Rod from an elderly neighbours garden in my childhood, brings back memories.

24 Jun, 2011


I pulled up Lysmachia by the bucket load for 15 years in my last garden and never got rid of it. Up it came, every year. Pretty, but a real thug.

24 Jun, 2011


I have had one clump of lysmachia in my garden in a dry spot. It comes up every year and looks good but has never spread much, presumably because of the dryness.
I would keep it because of its benefits to insects.

24 Jun, 2011


Thanks very much for all your replies and comments. Luckily for me the Lysimachia is in a small contained bed next to the shed so hasnt got any room to roam!

29 Jun, 2011

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