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By Bibbob

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

How do you use the seeds of a Primula Candelabra please?

On plant Primula pulverulenta



I assume that you have collected some seeds and want to sow them, Bob? I sow in a pot of loam based compost or multi- purpose with an equal amoount of grit and sand. Fill the pot, tamp the compost down slightly and sow the seed on top of the compost. Then cover the seed with a fine layer of grit and stand the pot in a shady place. If the seeds germinate this year then you might just want to move the pot to a cold frame, cold greenhouse or simply place it under a sheet of glass to keep excessive rain off. You should expect to see seedlings next spring.

23 Jun, 2011


I have sown them in trays of pure peat (I know, I know) in Spring, even though they say to sow fresh and they germinated like grass seed. I surface sowed them. I had so many that I threw out 2 out of 3 trays. I wish I had them now!

23 Jun, 2011

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