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Transplanting in Winter


By Vienna

It's mid December in OHIO. I'm moving and I would like to take some of my day lillies, sedum, and grasses. Can I dig the plants out and put them into pots for spring transplanting?



Now should be an ideal time as everything is rather dormant due to winter. Place them in a large enough pot, water gently then once you have moved hopefully they will be fine.

(The above is good for the UK as it's cold and damp at the moment. Not to sure about youre weather situation.)

14 Dec, 2008


I did my internship in Chicago some 30+ years ago. And unless global warming has given Ohio a tropical climate (lol) then you will be fine Vienna. Just do it as Treesandthings says.


14 Dec, 2008


no problemo should be fine

14 Dec, 2008


I disagree.

Your plants in pots and then in a U-Haul will be vulnerable. Do protect them during the winter. Leaf much ... whatever.
I am freaking about my own nursery stock in the weather we are having in the Pacific Northwest.

Your situation is even worse.

We are having some of the coldest weather in three decades. I hope you got your plants out before. ... but do protect. Plants in pots are much more vulnerable than in the ground.

16 Dec, 2008


just think of a litre of water out in the cold then think of your potted plant

18 Dec, 2008

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