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I wish to 'move' 3 young copper/green Beech hedging plants


By Mongi

Tyne And Wear, United Kingdom

I wish to 'move' 3 young Beech hedging plants (18'' H) they were only bought and have been in the soil since the begining of this year.
Can i move them to pots? until i can replant them in October.



Do you have to move them now, if so could you not put them in where you want them to grow now instead of potting up, that said if you do decide to pot them then water well before hand and make sure you get all the root system, [were they bare rooted hedging whips or potted when purchased? ] and keep them well watered untill planting out in the autumn, i have just returned from france where i have been transplanting young beech in leaf, and all have taken ok, if potting up keep them in a partly shaded area, having said this then if you can wait untill the autumn then this would be the best method.

21 Jun, 2011


Hi Julien
Thanks for the quick reply.This is the reason why i wish to 'move' these plants........
when i purchased these young Beech online they came bare rooted,i also bought 3 extra in case of any 'failures' in the hedge i was planting.
As it happens there are 4 failures (damn it) and i want to replace them sooner than later as i won't be here in the Autumn,i also would like to plant some conifers in the position where these 'extra' Beech are located at present.
If as you say,that i can replant them now (as they are in leaf) that would be great.

23 Jun, 2011

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