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Hello please could you help us , last october we had one side of our garden landscaped and added our potted shrubs and bulbs. our problem is we had a membrane
put down and bark to cover, all was looking great and the shrubs and bulbs did well over the hard winter. Every morning over the last 6 weeks we now being taken over with mushrooms are they growing from the
bark and how can we stop and will they harm the plants and shrubs if they keep multiplying?



No, they won't harm anything, and they most likely are coming from the chipped bark. Bear in mind these are just the fruiting bodies of a root system which you can't see and which is present in the bark itself. They will pass eventually, though they will probably return next year, but if you really hate it and its an ongoing problem, your only option is to remove the bark.
The only toadstool to really worry about is a honey coloured clump of them in about September - if they appear, there's a risk they're honey fungus, and you don't want that anywhere in your garden.

21 Jun, 2011


thanks very much for your help

21 Jun, 2011

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